Been using 303 TAXI for over 10 years and have always had great service! You can recognize those turquoise and white cabs from a mile away, kept nice and clean and with friendly drivers.
Joshua S.
Hi Joanne,

Just wanted to update you on how things are going with 303 Taxi.

We are thrilled with the driver who has been picking up our patients.  His name is Jesse and he has made it a great experience.  He always gets the patient here on time and is available via cell phone to pick them up should their sessions end early.

Tony has also been great.  We're very happy to be able to offer our patients this transportation option!
Tammy H. - AthleticCo
I just wanted to say thank you for everything!! Next time I am planning to be in the Chicago area, you'll be the first taxi company that I'll call.
Chad H.
I had a great experience today using your service. My driver was early, polite, and got me to my destination on time. Easiest and most pleasant cab experience I've ever had.
Natalie R.
I just want to thank you for my last minute pickup. I called American Taxi at 6:45am and at 7:25am they still weren't here. I use them on a weekly basis and have my address saved in their system. In desperation to make the 8am train, I called your company. Within 3 minutes a taxi was pulling into my driveway. Not only did I catch the 8am train but I made the 7:40am train! I will be using your company exclusively from now on. I've had too many bad incidences with American Taxi to return. Thank you! ps- I loved the text message confirmation!
Andrew G .
This driver was the best representative that 303 could wish for. A spotless car, fast pickup, extremely polite and friendly as well as helpful. Also, left my cell phone in his cab. In the morning I dialed my cell number and he called me back. On his own time he returned my phone and wanted no extra tip. He needs to be recognized! I have used 303 for 11 years and this is by far the best driver I have ever encountered.
Lillian  S.
Christine or Christy answered the phone and took my information and the time I wanted to be picked up. She was very helpful and had a friendly voice which made me comfortable to talk and explain my situation. The driver (sorry I forgot to get his name) was very friendly and nice and I really felt safe riding with him. Thank you for having employees that make visitors feel safe in an area far away from their hometown. I'm from Hawaii and first time to your beautiful state. Mahalo!!
LaVerne P.
... All the nurses were very complimentary of the service your taxi company provides; "Great Service."
I was extremely pleased the first time we used your taxi service - exceptionally clean and a very courteous driver.
Service is terrific
Always on time, great service!
This is a letter of appreciation for the good service your company and your driver have provided for us in this bad weather. First, one of your drivers came in an awful snowstorm to drive my little granddaughter to a party and today I called for a cab when she was stranded in school. A cab came right away and the driver was very helpful.
Thank you 303 - you are our favorite cab company,
Mr. G. W. – Skokie, Illinois
Everyone said I would get no response to my letter concerning the 303TAXI not coming on December 24th. I cannot tell you how gratifying it is that they were wrong. It renews my faith that some businesses at least care about their customers! Sometimes all that is needed is for someone anyone to say 'sorry' and mean it. You have done this and we appreciate it a great deal. we also appreciate that you have taken steps to see that it does not happen to anyone else. Thank you for your reimbursement, we certainly will remain customers because of the good will generated by it.
Mrs. R D – Palatine, Illinois
The taxis are really nice, and the drivers are so courteous.
Diana – EFOORA
Very dependable and courteous
The service has been excellent.
...just want to add: I was very impressed with your service. Being able to set up the reservation on-line was helpful. And when I returned to town, I called right from the airport to pick me up, and bring me back home. A perfect trip with 303 TAXI. Thanks,
Mr. R R – Streamwood, Illinois
I just wanted to say I was very pleased with your service. Especially, Pavel in Cab #940. I do not ride in Cabs very often but I have to rate this as the best experience I have ever had. Even though it was early AM The driver picked me up on time. He offered me different music to listen to if I wanted and also asked if I preferred the Air on or windows open. And even offered me water or soda. The Cab itself was immaculately clean. I was so pleased with the service that once at work I told other workers that I highly recommended 303 Taxi service.
Again thank you and Pavel for a very enjoyable ride.
Mr. P D – Wilmette, Illinois
I want to thank the driver of Cab #816 for his thoughtfulness in returning my Day Planner to me at United Airlines World Headquarters on Wednesday, February 17th.
Shortly after exiting Cab #816 at O'Hare Airport on the afternoon of February 17, I realized I left my Day Planner in the cab. After a quick phone call before boarding my flight to London, I was notified that the driver of #816 had been contacted and my Day Planner would be returned to my home office. It is reassuring to know 303 Cab employs drivers like the gentleman that day in Cab #816.
Peter Kreiser – Director, Cargo Marketing - UNITED AIRLINES
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